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Band-Empfehlung: We Barbarians

von Flo am 16.08.2010   |   Sonstiges

Eiskaltes Doppelposting, weil’s so schee is:

Neulich über einen Hinweis die Band „We Barbarians“ entdeckt. MySpace-Player gefühlte 37 mal durchgespielt, Album „There’s This There’s That“ gekauft. Hat was:

Some of the songs remind me a tiny bit of their Long Beach neighbors Cold War Kids while other songs portray elements of War-era U2, with anthemic drum beats and precise, cutting distortion. Other songs make me think echoey, orchestral pop, which can be found on “Trickle Down”. “War Clouds” is a pertinent song asking poignant questions about war and the state of the turbulent world around us… but I’m not going to tell you all of that because I mostly just want to say that it is a really great album and that you should listen to it, and re-listen to it again and again.

Also: Anhören & toll finden!

We Barbarians – In the Doldrums


We Barbarians – White


We Barbarians – There’s This There’s That

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