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How To Be A Serial Killer – Trailer

von Alex am 29.07.2009   |   Sonstiges


Hier der Trailer zu dem Film „How to be a Serial Killer“, der mir nach einer sehr schwarzen Komödie aussieht und von dem ich bisher so noch gar nichts mitbekommen habe. Aus welchen Gründen auch immer. Anyway, hier der Snip von der Website:

HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER pokes fun at the self-help literature industry and motivational speakers in general. There are so many ways to get off track while pursuing the perfect life, and an even greater number of pop-psychologists and gurus out there to lead the masses astray. Mike Wilson has found the perfect method of getting your life back on track and achieving a meaningful existence. Mike teaches his method in an exciting seminar series: How To Be A Serial Killer. Mike tells all of his students: „You have what it takes, you just have to pull the trigger on the life you deserve.“ Students rave about Mike’s depth of knowledge on the subject of serial killing and his endless enthusiasm and zest for life. One student described Mike as „a tasty smoothy made from a little bit of Charles Manson, some Tony Robbins, and a sprinkle of the messianic charisma of Jesus.“

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