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Floating Garden

von Alex am 24.06.2009   |   Sonstiges


The Floating Garden wurde von Benjamin Graindorge und dem Duende Studio entwickelt und ist ein natürliches Filtersystem für Wasser in Aquarien. Gute Sache. Mehr so Zeug bitte. Hier der Snip von Ihrer Website:

The fish tank is a microcosm that reflects human concerns: within the finite space of its architecture the main issue that conditions the well-being of its inhabitants is waste management. ‘Floating Garden’ by Benjamin Graindorge and Duende Studio brings an innovative solution to the daily maintenance constraints of freshwater aquariums with a filtering system that is 100% natural: a cushion of sand + plants that adapts to each and every model. Its recycling principle based on hydroponics does away with the chore of regular water changes and proposes a new domestic- scale typology, between the decorative glass vase and the water purifying plant.

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