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Piotr Woronkowicz

von Alex am 19.06.2009   |   Kunst & Design


Diese absolut wahnsinns-überguten lasergravierten Skateboards sind von Piotr Woronkowicz. Auf 360SEE kann man außerdem noch eine lasergravierte Curbbox bestaunen und sie sind Mitglied im Sustainable Furniture Council.

360SEE exhibits fine art, functional art, furniture, and design objects that address issues of sustainability through concept and material construction. 360SEE, a name born from the never-ending lifecycle of the gallery’s artwork and media, is the first gallery of its kind.

Jordan Witkov, 360SEE’s owner, hand picks artists and designers from around the country and world bringing only exclusive offerings to the city of Chicago, the region, and the nation.

360SEE showcases sustainable-minded contemporary art, furniture, lighting and other design objects in a fine art gallery setting. The featured pieces incorporate media such as organic matter, FSC certified wood, bamboo, steel, post consumer plastic, and reclaimed materials.

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