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good, bad and totally unimportant – 24.02.09

von Flo am 24.02.2009   |   Sonstiges

Above’s New Website – Above has been refurbishing his her (?) online stake in the world.

James, The Matchstick ManFound this sweet profile over at the concrete beat blog. In addition to doing some stunning work, James is a really interesting cat.

L’Atlas – Urban Tape Art aus Frankreich – Der französische Urban Art-Künstler L’Atlas spielt sehr gern mit typografischen Elementen herum und hat dabei eine ganz eigene, sofort wiederzuerkennende Form der Buchstabengestaltung entwickelt.

Shepard Fairey Does Boston – Shepard Fairey hit Boston with some crispy Clear Channel billboards. Need we say more?

Street Shots – Go Bang! PartyStreet Shots by Clayton Hauck. 2nd Go Bang! Party @ Sonotheque, Feb. 2009.

The Book Cover Archive – What a lovely resource. The Book Cover Archive is a growing collection (currently just over 1,000) of beautifully-designed book covers.

The Mysterious Photography of Thobias Faldt – Greg Escalante just passed along some dope photos by Sweden-based Thobias Faldt. This amazing photographer takes striking photos of things that don’t always seem to make much sense.

emilie79*emilie79* and her flickr stream.

Found PhotosA remarkable set of found photos on Flickr that follow a pair of twins over 70 years. Their matching outfits are too good.

Li Weis unmögliche MenschenLi Wei fotografiert Menschen in unmöglichen Haltungen, in unmöglichen Positionen. Dazu benutzt er Drahtseile und Spiegel, nur selten Photoshop (um die Seile wegzushoppen). Wunderbar!

Binh DanhVietnamese artist Binh Danh’s work has centered on the Cambodian genocide, using mostly „alternative“ photographic techniques, incl. using plants

Cassandra Rhodin’s FashionistasSwedish fashion illustrator Cassandra Rhodin draws and uses watercolors to create beautiful wide-eyed models. You can tell that she’s been influenced by everything from Paris in the 1920 to Coco Chanel herself. Her girls are as pretty as they are powerful.

Satomi ShiraiSatomi Shirai’s photography deals with the expatriate’s experience, with two vastly different, clashing worlds, Tokyo and New York City.

Levi van Veluw – Levi van Veluw update.

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