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good, bad and totally unimportant – 18.02.09

von Flo am 18.02.2009   |   Sonstiges

New Opening Sequence for „The Simpsons“ – After 19 years and more than 430 episodes, „The Simpsons“ has moved into high definition, marking the change with an update of its iconic opening titles, which have not changed since the show’s second season in 1990.

Fender Stratocaster Table – Complete with six tuning peg caps, three chrome-plated legs and that classic Fender logo silk-screened on, the re-creation of an instrumental masterpiece is ready to turn your rec room into a den of sin. Just remind your friends to keep their feet off of it.

Pipe Dreams – Wie gerne würd ich in so nem Ding mal pennen!?

Mug shots – A mug shot DOES NOT mean guilt! Innocence is presumed until otherwise proven! MugShots on Flickr

C215 / Geezers Graff GalaViele Photos von der Stencil-History-X bzw. C215´s Ausstellung und ein paar wenige von den Geezer Graff Gala (mit Base23, Evol, Pisa73 & Eliot).

Gitarrenladen mit Fender-OptikDas ist die Front des Guitar Stores in Southampton England.

Stealing from the Rich, and Giving to the Poor – Check out this really powerful piece of urban street art by artist, Above. Created in Lisbon, Portugal, the image is supposed to resemble a scene in a modern day Robin Hood.

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Tom Humes am 18.02.2009 um 10:02 Uhr

Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

Tom Humes

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