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Recycled Lifeforms

von Alex am 04.02.2009   |   Sonstiges

grobots Das finde ich mal sowas von Gross….

The concept behind Recycled Lifeforms is an admirable one; a group of creative types wanted a project that would „make a difference“ but just found themselves with 1,200 pounds of junk. They got to work and created an ongoing series of „GroBots“ – robotic creations spawned from the junk that also houses a living plant of some kind. Proceeds from the adoption of a GroBot go towards charitable means.

The robot designs are great, particularly since the parts used to create them weren’t overly cleaned up so they maintained their rustic and beat up nature. Really loving „Booster“, „Aquatix“ and the absurdity of „Charles Parsley.“

(via yewknee)

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